Season 3, Episode 1

“Nosedive” is your biggest fear realized, a world where likeability is currency. We meet Lacie Pound (Bryce Dallas Howard), a young woman fully immersed in a system of rankings. The higher your ranking the more you’re able to do in the world. Lacie, who has a 4.2 ranking, wants to get up to a 4.5 to get a discount on a beautiful apartment. This requires her having a carefully curated social media presence, monitoring her actions so that she comes off as friendly (but never too friendly), and subscribing to a way of life where appearance is more significant than real character.

She’s in over her head, and “Nosedive”—directed by Joe Wright—sees Lacie start to flail. Despite her best efforts, her obsession with her rating ultimately leads to her undoing. It starts to drop and drop, and soon she is banished from the society and world in which she so desperately wants to be a part of. Although entertaining, relatable, and frustrating, “Nosedive” is perhaps also a little too on the nose, never really going quite deep enough in the way it articulates the pitfalls of social media and the pressure of engagement. Even so, it’s still mostly a biting satire, a reminder that Lacie’s obsessions with how she’s perceived online is never too different from our own.