During Black History Month, it’s good to look back at the African Americans who have contributed to the movement and risen past the struggle of being Black in America. In cinema, figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X have been remembered with amazing films from some of today’s best directors. There have also been some gripping documentaries, enthralling biopics, and even fictionalized tales that showcased the real-life issues facing the community.

During Black History Month this year, Amazon Prime Video is putting Black film on display in a number of facets. With Black History Makers, we wanted to examine the films that put the movers and shakers on full display. Be it the tough-as-nails principal in the public school system to those who risked their lives to choose where they wanted to sit on the bus to the artists who created songs that spoke for the multitude of Black people out there living the struggle, Amazon Prime Video’s assembled an intriguing array of films dedicated to those making moves and history.