Pornhub Grants Your Noble Wishes With New Interactive Sex Toy TwerkingButt

Pornhub launches its new interactive sex toy, which you can totally ask your significant other and/or your parents to get you for Xmas.

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You likely often hear hardened digital natives complaining about the disappointment of the future in which we are now supposedly living. Aside from the relativity of time and that fact's confusion of what exactly is the past, present, or future (wow, is time real?) —many feel betrayed by the promises of Back to the Future Part II. Of course, these people simply aren't paying attention — especially to the future-coddling world of interactive porn.

On Thursday, the site that occurs most in your browser history — Pornhub — launched its new sensual deviceTwerkingButt. Developed in partnership with Topco, TwerkingButt promises to "blur the lines between cyber fantasy and passionate reality" by employing multiple twerking patterns, highly customizable rhythms, a multitude of massage speeds, vibration patterns, and simulated body heat — all of which you can control via the included remote or (most likely) your phone (iOS and Android).

The synthetic ass will be available in two investment-worthy editions — classic for a paltry $499 and deluxe for a reasonable $799 (for a limited time only). The device, which also includes virtual reality goggles and a variety of 3D content, will be officially unveiled at ANME in Burbank on July 12th. So, stop complaining — the future is obviously here or we wouldn't have the possibility of owning an interactive synthetic ass.

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