See Tommy Wiseau Edited Into 'Twister,' 'Deep Impact,' and Other Disaster Movies

Speaking of 'Twister,' watch it tonight.

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Thanks to some green screen shenanigans, a nearly four-minute video now exists in which Disaster Artist inspiration Tommy Wiseau appears in a number of underappreciated examples of disaster cinema. Rightfully, this clip—brought to you by Screen Junkies—includes the meteorologically challenged 1996 megaclassic Twister.

In addition to the joy of seeing Wiseau inform Bill Paxton (RIP) and Helen Hunt of a flying cow in one of the most memorable scenes from Jan de Bont's slice of chaos, this clip inserts the Room star and director into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Poseidon. For the longest segment, you also get a chance to see Wiseau as a POTUS in Deep Impact. Behold the full video up top.

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Next for Wiseau is the Justin MacGregor–directed Best F(r)iends, which sees him reuniting with fellow Room star Greg Sestero. Vol. 1 of the two-part feature, scored by Imagine Dragons' Daniel Platzman, debuts March 30. Vol. 2 lands June 1.

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The script for Best F(r)iends was inspired by a road trip Wiseau and Sestero took together back in 2003. "I saw an early cut of The Disaster Artist and I thought it was inspiring in a lot of ways, and it made me realize it had been so long since I had tried to make a film, or to try to—you know, the book was obviously my first kind of big creative pursuit I had control over," Sestero, whose book with Tom Bissell inspired last year's Oscar-nominated film of the same name, toldSlate Friday. "I realized after all these years learning from that experience, we just wanted to be taken seriously as actors and try to make something."

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