Stephen Colbert Gives "Bravest Tribute" Bernie Sanders a 'Hunger Games' Farewell

Colbert says goodbye to Bernie Sanders with a hilarious 'Hunger Games' send-off.

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Stephen Colbert returned Tuesday to his most treasured pastime, parodying The Hunger Games, in an effort to give Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a fitting send-off. Earlier that day, Sanders formally endorsed Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. "This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face," Sanders aid. "And there is no doubt in my mind that as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that."

Speaking to the Late Show audience beneath the traditional blue wig, Colbert expressed admiration for Sanders before getting more than a few jokes off his chest. "Sadly, today we lost the bravest tribute of all," Colbert said. "A man we actually lost months ago, but who courageously kept pretending not to be dead."

"You'll notice the slogan on the podium today was 'Stronger Together,'" Colbert noted, before making a striking declaration. "Bernie rejected Hillary's original idea: 'It's about f**king time.'" Damn! Then Colbert hit him with an age joke. "So Bernie Sanders has fallen, and like many seniors, he cannot get up," the former Colbert Report performance artist added.

After mentioning Sanders' "pure sex appeal' and munching on some caviar, Colbert closed with some mild poignancy. "Words cannot express how we feel after losing you," Colbert said, adjusting his wig for a more disheveled look. "Goodnight! Goodnight sweet prince! Farewell, Bernie! No one else expressed the frustrations of so many Americans without blaming it on Mexicans or Muslims."

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