NBC Announces That Donald Trump Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' in November

Aerosmith, presumably, will not be the musical guest.

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Because the world is clearly in a state of impending doom, Donald Trump has been officially revealed by NBC as the host of the November 7th episode of Saturday Night Live:

The musical guest, presumably, will not beAerosmith.

Of course, Trump gracing the SNL stage is nothing new for the former Apprentice star. As for the potential for well-earned laughs during Trump's forthcoming visit, this 2004 monologue featuring a memorable turn from a decidedly pre-KFC Darrell Hammond could be considered a highlight of Trump's comedy career:

In fact, all his recent presidential tomfoolery might very well have just been an extended warm-up session for this SNL hosting gig. With this theory in mind, were his oft-repeated statements on immigration simply failed satire? Is his Twitter account some sort of performance art piece in progress? Does anything really even matter anymore?


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