Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim Hang Out With a Possessed Dog in Failed CBS Pilot That Inspired 'Master of None'

Bananas. Talking dogs. Perfection.

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A crucial component of Aziz Ansari's Master of None, which earlier this week secured the official go-ahead from Netflix for a second season, is Dev's relationship with his so-called "token white friend" Arnold Baumheiser (Tim and Eric star Eric Wareheim). To celebrate both that relationship and the announcement of Master of None's 2017 return, Wareheim decided to share some never-before-seen footage from the beloved sitcom Big Bud Lil Bud.

What? Not up on the short-lived brilliance of Big Bud Lil Bud? Well, according to Wareheim and no one else, the series exists only as a failed CBS pilot that inadvertently served as the inspiration behind the far more successful Master of None. Despite sharing absolutely zero thematic similarities with its Netflix counterpart, Big Bud Lil Bud does broach some truly revolutionary concepts (for a sitcom, at least).

For example, how might a delightful laugh track improve an extended sequence wherein Ansari and Wareheim simply consume bananas with reluctance? How might an audience react, emotionally speaking, to the characters' dead father miraculously revealing himself to be the lovable family pet? Also, where can I purchase the biggest possible poster of the image below?

Thank you, Big Bud Lil Bud, for all the banana-free television you have inspired into existence.

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