Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian Doppelgänger Gets His Own Reality Show

But when will the Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgängers finally come together and form their own army?

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The Russian man famously tasked with resembling soon-to-be Oscar winnerLeonardo DiCaprio has apparently landed his own reality show thanks to a Twitter-savvy local TV station, ABC News reports. This rightly dubbed "Russian Leo," real name Roman Burtsev, is the star of what one can pretty safely assume is a gigantic hit, Romance With DiCaprio:

Romance With DiCaprio follows our valiant leading man as he endures a series of televised "psychological challenges," including begging total strangers for money on the streets to refine his purported wealth-gathering skills. Thankfully, the show is also delightfully self-aware and thus features plenty of moments like this:

Yes. That is indeed our dear Russian Leo enthusiastically belting an impassioned rendition of Celine Dion's Titanic theme "My Heart Will Go On." However, as seemingly every facet of human existence seems to be (finally!) miraculously aligning so as to deliver the Oscar to Leo for that Revenant endurance test, the finest moment here is Russian Leo's own harrowing journey of bear-on-human violence:

Of course, the original Leo has made his affinity for the Russian people quite apparent in the press. In fact, ABC News notes, DiCaprio has referenced Russian-born grandparents on multiple occasions and even recently revealed his plan to try very hard to make a Vladimir Putin biopic—starring himself as Putin—as soon as possible.

Much like Leonardo DiCaprio himself, Burtsev remains an unattached bachelor. Romance With DiCaprio, as its title implies, will also seek to find a partner for Burtsev by sending him on a series of DiCaprio-themed dates. "It doesn’t really bother me," Burtsev told Komsomolskaya Pravda before landing the reality show, "but they don’t give me any bonuses for it."

May you enjoy your newfound bonuses for years to come, Russian Leo.

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