Kim Kardashian on North West Saying Kanye 'Has It All Figured Out' Because He 'Lives in an Apartment'

Kim and Kourtney bonded over co-parenting difficulties in the latest episode of 'The Kardashians.'

kim kardashian and north west on the red carpet together
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kim kardashian and north west on the red carpet together

Kim Kardashian says North West often tells her the artist formerly known as Kanye West is “the best” because he doesn’t have a nanny, chef, or security and “lives in an apartment.”

The moment comes on the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, with Kim and Kourtney bonding over “mom advice” and at one point trading co-parenting insights. At the time, the two sisters were discussing how hard it can be to evenly give their kids time alone with them, all while dealing with comments about the children's respective fathers, Ye and Scott Disick.

"North, she’ll go to her Dad’s [and] she’ll be like, 'Dad is the best! He has it all figured out. He doesn’t have a nanny, he doesn’t have a chef, he doesn’t have security, he lives in an apartment,'" Kim said. "And she’ll start crying, 'Why don’t you have an apartment? I can’t believe we don’t have an apartment!'"

Kourtney commiserated, pointing out that her kids do the same when it comes to spending time with Disick. “I feel like everything falls on the parent that’s, like, more involved,” she added.

Providing a specific example of the cheflessness North mentioned, Kim suggested it was largely instant ramen being consumed in such scenarios. Deeper into the new episode, North herself made an appearance, enlisting Kim to help her put together some homemade sushi rolls.

"North is really special and smart and creative and definitely beats to her own drum," Kim said of her and Ye's daughter, later adding that Kourtney always tells her the 10-year-old is her “lesson on this planet.” Specifically, Kim explained, North “teaches me patience” and has “taught me a lot about life.”

The full episode is out now and also features an onion being eaten like an apple. Catch it here.

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