Of Course Stephen Colbert Is the Reason Harrison Ford Returned for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Thank you, Stephen.

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Though it's still a bit hard to believe, Harrison Ford really is Han Solo again in the burgeoning indie flick Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ford's return to one of the most iconic roles of his career (and most iconic roles in movie history) is the rare sort of casting victory that spreads joy all across the planet, a rare and truly unifying presence. However, dude is apparently not easy to convince.

During his usual Late Show reign on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert decided to reveal the totally real (and definitely not a joke) reason for Ford's reawakened Force: himself. "I wrote Regarding Henry," current Star Wars (and previous Star Trek) director J.J. Abrams tells Ford in a video of their first meeting regarding the rebirth of Han Solo. "Remember the movie we did? I’m directing now." This, of course, does little to sway him.

When further convincing is attempted (and failed) by bringing up the fact that Lawrence Kasdan is coming back to pen the script (Ford: "He did the Ewok thing? I hated those Ewoks"), Abrams is forced to bring out his secret weapon:

Ford, of course, is so perturbed (see below) by Colbert's take on Solo that his patented anger ultimately pushes him to agree to stepping foot in the Millennium Falcon for additional space joy.

Thank you for your bravery, Stephen Colbert.

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