Harrison Ford Dethrones Samuel L. Jackson as the Highest-Grossing Actor in Box Office History

What's a few billion bucks between friends?

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Whenever you say things like "Harrison Ford is a god" or "Samuel L. Jackson is also a god," few people will argue with you because these are, quite simply, obvious statements of irrefutable fact. However, if Box Office Mojo's latest math is any indication, these two gods just might be spending the next few years passing the highest-grossing actor throne back and forth in a predictably godly fashion.

Harrison Ford has now officially surpassed Samuel L. Jackson as the highest-grossing actor in U.S. box office history with a career haul of $4.699 billion, a fair chunk of which comes from current theater champion Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, Jackson's current tally of $4.626 billion is also worth some applause. Peep the current top 20, via Box Office Mojo, below:

Thankfully, the name "Adam Sandler" doesn't appear until a bit later in the list, somehow placing just one spot above Brad Pitt at No. 28. This anomaly, sadly, still baffles box office enthusiasts all across the nation.

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