Here's That Glorious 'Grand Theft Auto V' Lightsaber Duel You Wanted

Fun for the whole fam.

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Grand Theft Auto V, an underrated video game perfect for hours of wholesome fun with the entire fam, has quickly proven itself to be the pop culture gift that keeps on giving. Some hero remade the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening using the expansive GTA V universe. Another hero did the same for True Detective, shortly before the greatest hero of all delivered a very necessary take on N.W.A.'s iconic "Straight Outta Compton" video.

With the release of the low-budget art film Star Wars: The Force Awakens just weeks away, the inevitable marriage of lightsabers and GTA V characters has finally come roaring to life thanks to the crew over at Boris the Blade. As you might have guessed, the results are downright tear-inducing in their beauty:

Hey, George Lucas Disney. There's a great spin-off idea in here somewhere. We're all counting on you to deliver.

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