Desus and Mero Explain How to Deal With 'F*cking Cornball' Internet Trolls

Now that we're in the post-truth era, how do we deal with trolls? Allow Desus and Mero to explain.

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With all this talk about the rise of "post-truth" recently dominating the late-night circuit, one question rises above the rest: How the hell are we supposed to deal with online trolls now? On the latest episode of their new VICELAND seriesDesus & Mero, Desus Nice and the Kid Mero explained how they keep the behavior of trolls in perspective while chopping it up with writer Cord Jefferson.

Today's guest, the extremely talented writer @cordjefferson. See you tonight, 11pm.

— DESUS & MERO on VICELAND (@DesusandMeroVL) November 17, 2016

"I just laugh at it," Mero explained on Thursday's episode. "I get extremely high and laugh." When Jefferson expressed that he didn't know how they were able to laugh off the hate-driven comments, Mero broke down his usual method. "I just flame people really hard and say mean things about their parents," he said. "But the thing is, like, I'll also click on the profile of the person who's delivering this fucking ether and it's usually some fucking cornball who's stocking shelves at JCPenney."

Mero's thoughts on fucking cornballs of this nature? Enjoy your lack of money sandwiches. "So I'm like, yo, you know what I'm saying?" Mero said. "I could eat a money sandwich right now, my guy. And you're over her struggling to buy another pair of Beats, because you can't really hear this one."

To put the comments in perspective, Desus added, sometimes it's best to view them against previous real-life encounters. "We always look at it like this," Desus said. "Yes, it's an online comment [and] it's very hurtful, but at some point in your life, has someone tried to kill you?" After Mero recalled a series of troubling voicemail threats he once received from a "dude I did some stuff with," Desus doubled down: "So it's like, if we've been through that… an internet comment? I'll press 'like' and make it really sick."

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