Chris Pratt Predicted The Rise of Chris Pratt Years Ago

During 'Parks & Recreation' production, Pratt jokingly suggested a future Spielberg cosign.

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As The Era of Chris Pratt continues, inquiring minds will start seeking additional Pratt powers aside from guiding a Jurassic Park sequel to unholy amounts of money all over the world. One of the key elements of Pratt's charming screen presence is the sheer unpredictability of his rise to superstardom — from Parks & Recreation to Guardians of the Galaxy to Jurassic World (and an underrated turn in Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill).

Honestly, who saw this coming?

As humorously presented fate would have it, Pratt did. During a self-filmed behind-the-scenes clip on the set of Parks & Recreation circa 2009/2010, Pratt jokingly mentioned a theoretical text conversation with dinosaur popularizer Steven Spielberg. "I just got a text message from...Steven Spielberg," Pratt says in the clip above. "God, so annoying! I'll have to get back to you later about Jurassic Park 4."

"Getting back later" reaped astronomical dividends for all involved, with Jurassic World currently resting comfortably on a mountain of money estimated at roughly $1.39 billion.


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