'Blade Runner Reality' Instagram Brings The Sci-Fi Classic to Life

Imagine if "Seinfeld" was never canceled, sure. But also imagine if "Blade Runner" were reality?

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Citing their collective mission as, simply, "finding reality that looks like Blade Runner," the futurists behind the @bladerunnerreality Instagram have been doing exactly that. The photos speak to both our collective desire for modernity and our futile attempt at staying one step ahead of our eventual demise, which is surely what Ridley Scott would want for us all.

If nothing else, this ongoing experiment serves as a titillating appetizer for the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel. Sadly, the sequel will not be directed by Ridley Scott (Denis Villeneuve is reportedly taking the chair) but will see the return of Harrison Ford. Ford, speaking on the script written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, called it "the best thing he's ever read."

Until then, appreciate our increasingly Blade Runner-esque existence via @bladerunnerreality and enjoy some of our favorites below.






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