Bill Murray Suggests Kenan Thompson or Bill Hader to Portray Him in ‘SNL’ Movie

Other options include Kristin Wiig and Amy Poehler.

Three male celebrities at different events, each in distinct attire, no names given due to privacy
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Three male celebrities at different events, each in distinct attire, no names given due to privacy

Bill Murray has plenty of casting ideas for the upcoming SNL 1975 biopic directed by Jason Reitman.

At this week’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire premiere, Murray was asked about Reitman’s film, which he noted will not focus on his time at Saturday Night Live but is instead meant to tell the story of the team behind the show’s first-ever live broadcast in 1975. Murray, notably, was not made an official SNL cast member until the show’s sophomore season.

"I think my name gets mentioned, which is good," Murray told Entertainment Tonight when discussing his involvement with Jason's lifelong research for the film. From there, the Oscar-nominated actor was asked who he'd theoretically like to see play him in such a film, resulting in some varied choices comprised of several fellow SNL alumni.

"Of all the people that came after me, I like Kenan Thompson," Murray said. "He could play me. Or Bill Hader. Those two. Or Kristen Wiig. Any of those three could play me. Or Amy Poehler."

Though certainly nontraditional, Murray’s jokingly shared casting ideas aren’t the wildest ones to have ever been proposed. Danny McBride, for example, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2019 and revealed that he and Ye once had a meeting about a possible biopic project. 

 "He had an idea for a project that I think was a pretty brilliant idea," McBride said at the time. "He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life and he wanted me to play him . . . I thought it was a cool enough idea that I was like, yeah, I would."

The latest Ghostbusters sequel, meanwhile, is slated for a theatrical rollout for the general public next Friday. See the trailer below.

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