Baby Connoisseur Has a Very Emotional Reaction to Trying Bacon for the First Time

Seriously: does it get any more American than this?

Image via Nick Gray

Sick of hearing people talk about bacon for the past, like, ten years? Then this one might not be for you. For the young individual in the increasingly viral clip below, Christmas morning inspired a very interesting turn of events: the baby connoisseur's first taste of this notorious bacon that no one can seem to stop gushing about:

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The Daily Dot-cosigned clip has already amassed more than 11,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube, which should really come as no surprise for anyone who lives in America and has ever stepped outside their house or watched TV even once. Bacon's a pretty big deal around these parts, international friends.

Of course, bacon (and its slightly less popular brother sausage) recently received some not-so-great news from the World Health Organization, a fact I only mention here to prove that I am actually great fun at parties. I swear.

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