If Seth Cohen Proposed to Blair Waldorf...

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If you hear the faint sound of sobbing in the distance, do not fear. Those are just the cries of Seth and Summer and Chuck and Blair fans everywhere, heartbroken at the thought that their OTP will never ever be together IRL. The O.C.'s Adam Brody andGossip Girl's Leighton Meester got engaged, shattering all kinds of fangirl hopes and dreams. 

We have no idea what they're like as people, but the thought of Brody's Seth and Meester's Blair getting it on is hilarious, considering he's an anti-social dork and she's a semi-ruthless Queen B. Which got us thinking, what the hell would it even look like if Seth Cohen proposed to Blair Waldorf?

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf have been staring at each other for 30 minutes now, until Cohen decides to speak up.

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Losing patience, Blair thinks it's best to get all sentimental about it to egg him on.

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But in true Cohen fashion, he's no Shakespeare...

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...and Waldorf doesn't tolerate lames.


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Naturally, Seth breaks into hives... 

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...and she breaks into tears at potentially having her fairy tale moment crushed.

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 But he charms her with his stupid adorable face...

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...and she seems to come around...

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...making him feel ready to just say it:


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Of course, her initial silence kills him...

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...and he begins to imagine what the top of the Brooklyn Bridge looks like.

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But she calms his nerves...

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...and says yes in the only way that would register in his mind. 

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Holy shit...

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They're friggin engaged, dude!

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Now it's time to celebrate.

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The best way they know how.

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