Seth Rogen Calls Failed Movie "The Green Hornet" A Nightmare

He doesn't hold back.

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Don't feel bad if you don't remember Michel Gondry's 2011 film, The Green Hornet—with its 44% Rotten Tomatoes rating and scathing reviews calling it an "facetious industrial product," there are many who would thoroughly enjoy forgetting it ever happened. Like its star, Seth Rogen, for example, who admitted on Marc Maron's WTF podcast that the failed film "was a fucking nightmare."

"We got excited about the prospect of having that opportunity [to make a big, mainstream film] that we did it, being completely naive as to exactly how much of what makes us good would be basically stifled and evaporated, merely by signing on to do a movie of that budget and that rating," Rogen explained. "While we were making it, it was a fucking nightmare." Clearly, he had a lot of pent-up feelings about this.

Rogen's full recollection of what went wrong with the film:


This isn't the only time Rogen has spoken about harboring some regrets about the film. On the Doug Loves Movies podcast last week, he pretty much said a sequel will only happen if hell freezes over: "No, that'd be a nightmare...I would rather just not work for a year." Zing!

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