So, Here's Everything Nicki Minaj Does in "The Other Woman"

To give you a clear viewing guide for when you go see "The Other Woman" in theaters today, here's everything Nicki Minaj does in the movie.

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Forget Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, this is biggest reason you should be excited to seeThe Other Woman this weekend: Nicki Minaj makes her acting debut. In the revenge comedy, Minaj plays Lydia, an "opinionated and sharp and brutally honest" assistant to Diaz's lawyer character, Carly. And, while we won't give away what happens in the film, we will say that Minaj's first foray into Hollywood is everything a fan of hers could hope for and more. 

That said, we've put together a handy viewing guide to help you anticipate every time Minaj is on screen, so you could schedule your bathroom breaks accordingly. Really, what would be worse: missing one of the million scenes featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Mark cheating with yet another hot blonde or missing one of Minaj's award-worthy real-talk scenes?

Exactly. So, let's get started!

  • Fifteen minutes into the film, Lydia makes her debut as Carly heads into her fancy lawyer office in NYC's Financial District. Lydia greets Carly distractedly, while Carly asks if there's anything for her in her office. Lydia doesn't give much of an answer, but Carly sees a gigantic file cabinet sitting in her office. Carly would've seen it when she walked into her office anyway, Lydia reasons, so she didn't see the point in wasting her breath.
  • Two seconds later, Carly and Lydia talk about Carly's new boyfriend, Mark (Coster-Waldau, or, colloquially, Jaime Lannister). Lydia comments that she doesn't understand why Carly works "so hard" when she's pretty, then, later, expresses her shock that Mark is the only guy Carly is seeing. She exclaims:
  • The next time we see Lydia, she's flashing Carly a forced smile as Carly stomps into her office pissed. She keeps the smile solidly on her face as Carly zips past her, and proceeds to wreck a bouquet of roses that Mark presumably had sent over. The smile disappears.
  • Moments later, Lydia walks into Carly's office asking what's wrong. Carly explains that Mark is married. Her response? "And you don't think you can take her?" Carly doesn't want to homewreck, but Lydia thinks married men would be perfect for her because it's like they have a hobby to keep them busy sometimes. When her boss isn't receptive, Lydia dishes quality advice: 
  • Her scenes grow more infrequent from here. The next time we see Lydia, she pokes her head into Carly's office as she's planning her revenge against Mark with the help of his wife Kate (Mann), and his other mistress Amber (Upton). 
  • We don't see Lydia again until the end of the film, when Mark visits Carly at work. Lydia looks him up and down, comments that she "gets it," and then icily tells him Carly wants to see him in the conference room. He's hesitant, but follows—only for Lydia to lock him in there.
  • What happens next can't be explained fully without giving away crucial plot points, so let's just say: Lydia watches as some of the best scenes in the movie go down, while sipping iced coffee like the queen she is.
  • Lydia appears once more before the end credits roll, sitting in a meeting with Carly. She smiles and claps, granting her approval. 

And there you have it: everything Nicki Minaj does in The Other Woman, detailed. Now, when you actually see the movie, try not to piss off the people around you when you pull up this viewing guide on your phone to watch along with it.

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