"Lords Of Fallen" E3 Gameplay Debuts (Video)

"Lords Of Fallen" E3 Gameplay Debuts (Video)

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Looking for the next Dark Souls itch but you've already beat Dark Souls II and can't wait for Bloodborne? You may be interested in taking a look at Lords of the Fallen, a very Soulsian-looking RPG from Polish developer CI Games. Gamespot has put up some footage of the next-gen RPG from its E3 showing, and from the look of it, you can tell the dev team loves all things Souls (they even say as much in the video). For a game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve, Lords of the Fallen seems to follow the hardcore RPG formula in a pretty straightforward manner, although talk in the video about "checkpoints" and "accessibility" put it perhaps in a slightly different camp. So, too, do the visuals, which decidely less like From Software (this is a Polish studio, not a Japanese one) and a little more like, say, Darksiders developer Nordic Games.

It remains to be seen whether or not Lords of the Fallen can stand on its own two feet as a Souls-style game or if it's just a swing and a miss, but at least the devs hearts are in the right place. The game is out late October.

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