The 25 Funniest Political Parody Accounts on Twitter

Nearly as funny as the real election.

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Sure, to stay up on the latest happenings of the 2012 presidential election, you could follow a number of trusted pundits, journalists, and news sources on Twitter. But, outside of hearing that Romney wants to fire Big Bird or that Vice President Biden thinks everything Paul Ryan says is malarkey, where's the fun in that? Before President Obama and Mitt Romney square off tonight for the second presidential debate, we suggest you balance out your timeline by following some of these political parody accounts.

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Written by Stephen Nale

25. @MexicanMitt

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Number Of Followers: 11,922

The GOP's Presidential candidate's awkward attempts to sway Hispanic voters gave rise to this parody account. Identifying himself as the "JUAN PERCENT," Mexican Mitt tries to get your vote with undeniably ignorant tweets. 

24. @minihillary

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Number Of Followers: 1,353
Example Tweet: I heard a rumor that the Week the #WomenWent was @MittRomney's idea... He just wanted a 7 day vacation from @AnnDRomney.

Man, we can't wait until Hillary writes her definitive memoir after she leaves office for good. It's sure to contain gems on gems on gems. Until then, this parody account will have to do. Whoever runs this account has the former First Lady and current Secretary of State making it known that she wears the pants while getting surprisingly introspective with tweets like: "Is it me or is Donald Trump possible a bigger dick than I am?" Nah, boo, it ain't just you. 

23. @Mr_Lincoln

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Number Of Followers: 5,716
Example Tweet: Now that Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Romney, I can't wait to see who the Kardashians endorse. A breathless America waits for the announcement

Honest Abe tweeting from the grave. A mixture of political satire, facts, and an overwhelming amount of cynicism concerning today's political landscape. 

22. @ShitToddAkinSays

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Number Of Followers: 203
Example TweetCome on Cardinals! Better than Beltway insiders DC Nationals! Washington SUCKS! That said, I want to be your senator & live there. #MOSen

After exposing himself as having one of the most deranged minds in politics, Twitter was quick to respond with numerous fake handles, most of them too vulgar for even this website. However, @ShitToddAkinSay, as stated in its biography, is a "legitimate parody," tweeting outrageous Akin-isms while maintaining some sort of self-respect.

21. @UnemployedBush

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Number Of Followers: 4,515
Example Tweet: I will remain mostly silent today, just like on the original 9-11.

Bored with idle hands post-presidency (or post-birth, however you look at it) @UnemployedBush tweets his opinion on today's political race ("@maddow #Jeb Bush is right. Obama should take responsibility for his failures, like I did. Fortunately, I had no failures #RNC2012") as well as his daily activities, like watching Price is Right: "Pick the Aluminum Foil Dumb ass! #PriceIsRight." You know, G shit. 

20. @FakeRonReagan

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Number Of Followers: 394
Example Tweet: If we only had replacement refs back when I was President, we wouldn't be having some of these PROBLEMS we have today. #trentlotttaughtme

Reaganomics lives on! Reviving the most important issues of the 1980s, @FakeRonReagan also gives his stuck-in-the-past point of view on today's most important political topics: "You think the number 47% is an appalling claim? Just imagine the furor over the 53% of Americans who went without Brylcreem thanks to me."

19. @ClintonMath

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Number Of Followers: 18,121
Example Tweet: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won't give out candy on Halloween because it creates a system of entitlements and dependency.

Bubba finally reveals the secret to balancing the budget and lowering the unemployment rate! While serious at times, this account interacts with other Twitter users who attempt to challenge Clinton arithmetic.

18. @MittRmoney

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Number Of Followers: 10,614
Example Tweet: I will take a lot of credit for ObamaCare. Wait, you don't like it? Nevermind! I will repeal RomneyCare. I mean ObamaCare!

As the bio states, "[you] Can't spell Money without Romney." This user attacks Romney's campaign with humorous tweets that blur the line between truth and parody. Need another example? "Mitt Romney is like John Kerry, if John Kerry just made shit up and dodged Vietnam."

17. @ThePresObama

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Number Of Followers: 67,259
Example Tweet: Man, Biden's been listening to that Kanye "Ain't nobody fuckin with my clique" song all day.

The Southside Chicago version of President Obama.

16. @TomCoburnsBeard

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Number Of Followers: 795
Example Tweet: This speech is boring, i just want to be cradled by tom's hands. #SOTU 

The most intimate thoughts of the U.S. Senator's facial fur are revealed. When most politicians worry about being clean-shaven and camera ready, Tom Coburn is "just tired of shaving"—apathetic narcissism at its finest.

15. @FakeJohnBoehner

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Number Of Followers: 79
Example Tweet: I hate when a tweet looks like a reply but the app doesn't show me what it's a reply to. I also hate social safety nets.

@FakeJohnBoehner's tweets concerning wealth, big business lobbyists, and anti-abortion make it difficult to discern whether this an actual parody account of the current Speaker of the House. At least we know he suffers from the same night terrors as every other American: "Gah! Just woke up from a nightmare. I said "raise taxes," and people asked 'whose taxes' and "how much?' #warmmilk."

14. @ObamaStrawman

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Number Of Followers: 6,004
Example Tweet: Mitt will enable America's energy independence by forcing 150 million American parasites to turn a giant hamster wheel. #47percent.

This Twitter account popped up after Rush Limbaugh's delusional Bain Capital/Dark Knight Rises conspiracy theory, which suggested that the movie was made to destroy the Romney campaign. Gee willikers, Batman, get me another Vicodin.

13. @MittR0mney

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Number Of Followers: 13,532
Example Tweet: A lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works. #fuckyouiamrich

Finally, Big Mitt reveals his true agenda! Although a parody, @MitR0mney highlights what the GOP's Presidential nominee has in store for America: "I want to make sure every new computer sold in this country has installed on it a filter to block all pornography. "mitt2007 #tcot." Yikes!

12. @PaulRyanGosling

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Number Of Followers: 67,789
Example Tweet: Hey girl, does my nose look bigger because I'm on TV or because I'm lying my fucking ass off? #vpdebate

Exposing the inner thoughts of the perfect blend of a Hollywood heartthrob and a P90X-using, bow-hunting politician. The self-proclaimed "better Paul Ryan" begins each tweet with the now standard, "Hey Girl" greeting from the Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling Tumblr phenomenon of 2010.

11. @BachmannLeaks

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Number Of Followers: 473
Example Tweet: I ordered a copy of "Campaigning For Dummies" from Amazon for every #GOP candidate in America! We win in November, and Brazil wins now! #p2

Addressing "Americans and liberals" as separate people in its bio, this parody account takes a stand against big government, taxes and, most importantly, facts. In addition, this Bachmann parody never misses an opportunity to disparage her husband, Marcus: "Even I want to beat up Rick Santorum! He reminds me of a skinny Marcus." 

10. @VeepJoeBiden

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Number Of Followers: 4,922
Example Tweet: Hey Paul, you might want to bring a notebook the next time you're getting schooled. #VPDebate

Vice President Biden, known for his candor and bluntness, makes it difficult to believe @VeepJoeBiden is a parody account. With a biography including "all-around ladies man and Amtrak Platinum Elite member," this account takes shots at the GOP, specifically Paul Ryan, boasts extreme confidence ("I've got the Joementum and I'm ready to kick ass and take names! #VPDebate"), and speaks on the struggles of being VP ("Debate prep is hard! I'm working a grueling noon to 5pm schedule and they say I might have to miss The Voice tonight. No bueno.").

9. @FiredBertErnie

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Number Of Followers: 8,042
Example Tweet: Sorry for the lack of tweets, we've been standing in food lines since 4am. We hope your Sundays are going better. #SesameStreetProblems

When Romney promised devastating taxpayer cuts to PBS, the characters of Sesame Street took to Twitter to voice their disapproval. Facing unemployment, Bert and Ernie, as well as many other of our lovable Sesame Street friends, popped up on twitter to vehemently oppose any threat to PBS funding which would result in closing the curtain on their long and storied run on the publicly funded broadcast channel.

8. @InvisibleObama

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Number Of Followers: 68,961
Example Tweet: Benghazi ain't just what Paul Ryan applies after a tough workout.

The verdict is still out on whether Clint Eastwood's RNC speech was the result of an LSD flashback. Either way,  the now-classic "Invisible Obama" routine prompted this parody account. Like Vice President Biden, Invisible Obama says things the real Obama can't. 

7. @SRWHOfficial

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Number Of Followers: 4,016
Example Tweet: Anyone else notice a resemblance between Paul Ryan and Gowron the Klingon from Star Trek: TNG?

If only those White House walls could talk. Just our luck, @SrWHOfficial gives followers a behind-the-scenes look into the thoughts of one "anonymous" White House Official.

6. @PaulRyanPR

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Number Of Followers: 529
Example Tweet: 47% of Americans have personally benefited from not being aborted." "The first point in our 5 point plan is my widow's peak.

The GOP's nominee for Vice President seemingly came out of nowhere and, along with the nod, numerous parody accounts followed. This account gives followers the VP candidate's thoughts on all the numbers thrown around during debates and speeches. It also sheds light on one of this year's major polarizing election issues: While President Obama is on Team Hov and Jeezy, @PaulRyanPR states: "I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, and not just because that's the value of my vouchers." Hiyoooo!

5. @lVlittRomney

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Number Of Followers: 55,553
Example Tweet: Keep laughing, twitter. I'll buy the internet just to shut you down

In case you were ever wondering what Mitt Romney is really thinking behind his permanent shit-eating grin, @lVliitRomney provides just that. Through expletive-laced elitest tweets, mocking us hapless Americans, I am far more inclined to vote for the no-bullshit @lVliitRomney than the real Mitt.

4. @ElBloombito

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Number Of Followers: 31,487
Example Tweet: In honoro of el dia de Colombo, soy sailing mi yachto to el Coñnecticut, muerto killing los personas, y planting un flagero de Nuevo Yorko!

Always aiming to please the diverse people of NYC, El Jefe de Nueva York, El Bloombito, tweets his political commentary in Spanglish. Can't fault him for trying, right? Ay Dios mio.

3. @FakeSarahPalin

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Number Of Followers: 9,944
Example Tweet: Getting ready to watch a man to jump out of a balloon. We've come so far in the 6,000 years since we were invented." "Romney for real just spelled it out for me: numbers are for make upping.

I'm still not sure if this is a parody account or the real Sarah Palin.


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Number Of Followers: 115,931
Example Tweet: Ahead of the GOP debate, Republicans are saying CNN's Candy Crowley's proximity to her uterus will make her biased against Romney.

The Twitter handle says it all.

1. @PimpBillClinton

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Number Of Followers: 284,312
Example TweetMy opinion on abortion is like my opinion on drinking water: as long as you're not doing it in Mexico, go for it.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to confirm the authenticity of this account, we must assume this handle is not ran by Slick Willie himself. However, the creator of @PimpBillClinton gives followers a close look into the best side of Bill Clinton's mind: the pimp side.

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