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Donald Glover shows us yet another side of himself.

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Donald Glover is a complex guy. While a lot of us know him from his beloved run on the cult hit series Community, he also has an entire other career under an entirely other name as the rapper Childish Gambino. And in the upcoming FX original comedy series Atlanta, which Glover both created and stars in, we get to see yet another side of the star—one that looks pretty damn appealing.

In Atlanta, Glover plays Earn Marks, an ambitious college dropout who’s trying to make his way as a manager in the Atlanta rap game. When Earn sees potential in aspiring rapper Alfred, a.k.a. “Paper Boi”—who also happens to be his estranged cousin—he decides to help guide the young artist as he navigates his career. Unfortunately, that process isn’t easy, given the fact that Paper Boi has much different views from Earn on both the music game and on life in general.

Also starring Keith Stanfield (Short Term 12, Straight Outta Compton) and Zazie Beetz, Atlanta looks like it has the real potential to be one of the most interesting and innovative shows of the fall, and yet another accomplishment for the ever-versatile Donald Glover.

You can check out the trailer for Atlanta, which premieres Tuesday September 6th on FX, in the video below.

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