Camille Elena Founded Cami’s Candies to Sweeten Her Life & Yours

Camille Elena Founded Cami's Candies to Bring the Flavor of Mexican Chamoy to Her Community, Friends, Family, and to the Whole World at Large

Camille Elena Metro Cami's Candies Blogger and Mother Rule Your Day Header

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Camille Elena Metro Cami's Candies Blogger and Mother Rule Your Day Header

Last week Complex introduced you to Camille Elena, a lifestyle blogger living and working in Grand Prairie, Texas.  With more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and a growing fanbase on TikTok, Camille has gradually risen to acclaim since she first started her content creation journey in 2015. 

Over time, she’s grown more confident and established in who she is as a woman and parent, but also in the types of partnerships and business endeavors she wants to share with the world. Her latest baby, Cami’s Candies, is one of them.

Though currently based in the Dallas area, Camille actually grew up a little further west in El Paso, a city with a proud Mexican-American history. Camille herself is of Mexican descent and is also proud to represent her heritage and culture in every way she can. In fact, she launched Cami’s Candies to do just that, focusing on incorporating chamoy into her confections.

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Chamoy is a Mexican paste made from a combination of fruit, spices, and chiles. It can be thickened or thinned out and is used to elevate a variety of dishes. 

Just like she does with her content creation, Camille’s taken total ownership of the ingredient, dressing it up in her signature style. By coating and dipping all sorts of fruity candies in chamoy, she’s been able to create a fusion of salty, sweet, and spicy goodness that her customers just can’t get enough of. Like so many of her other endeavors, Cami’s Candies has proven successful. 

With priority delivery options available, including shipping for those who aren’t in the Dallas area, Camille’s made her small-batch candies accessible to all. In fact, it’s that same expansive hustler’s mindset that made her a successful blogger and social media star. But it’s not just about the grind for Camille. Even more than the hustle, she’s also learned the importance of respecting her limits and learning how to listen to her inner self.

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“It takes a lot of focus and prioritization on my part,” Camille admits. “I have days where I don’t create content but use my phone simply for the enjoyment of social media. It gives me time to rest my mind, but also get motivation on what other people are doing. I can see what the trends are.”

Mastering when to act and when to rest has proven vital for Camille. The proof is in the chamoy. She’s been able to produce updates to her favorite childhood treats, while preventing the business from overtaking her daily life. 

Cami’s Candies features sweets like peach rings and gummies mixed with chamoy, but it’s her homemade “Gushers” pack that’s been a breakout hit. 

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“It’s a new spin on a childhood favorite,” she proudly says. “There’s just something about it. I think anything that involves that sour tanginess is good, but the ‘Gushers’ hold a special place in my heart.”

Camille’s come a long way since her first taste of chamoy-based candy. What began as a simple purchase from a local vendor who made similar candies quickly turned into a consistent, weekly habit. She soon realized that she needed to take matters into her own hands and recreate the Mexican delicacy. Then, to further differentiate herself, she even decided to create chamoy rim dips for cocktails and margaritas.

Before long, she was in business. And business was booming—in large part thanks to the technology she relies on every single day. She founded Cami’s Candi’s out of passion and love, but it’s Metro by T-Mobile that provides technology that allows her to rule her day-to-day logistics, while establishing real relationships with her customers and followers.

“It’s helped me stay connected for sure,” she says. “I have no excuse not to be available. That constant communication has helped a lot.”

While Cami’s Candies is available for individual purchase, Camille has also expanded into the events space, producing large orders for bridal showers, birthday parties, and engagement celebrations.

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“I shifted the business model for large parties and people loved it,” she says with a smile. “Recently I did an engagement party and made little favors for the table and some sauce so they could dress their margaritas. I’ve got to give the people what they want.”

She doesn’t see herself pulling away from those obligations any time soon either. Cami’s Candies will be fulfilling orders and satisfying those sweet tooths for as long as she’s able. 

For Camille, she’d love to one day see her treats take residence at brick-and-mortar shops around Texas. She says it would be even sweeter to have a shop in the Bishop Arts District, a beloved Dallas neighborhood that she often frequents for both work and play. 

As someone who believes in the divine and keeping things positive, she knows anything is possible with the right mindset—whether that’s applied to Cami’s Candies, her steadily growing audience, or her personal life.

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“I’m a big believer in what you put out is what you get in return,” she says. “I don’t ever want to put anything out there that will hurt anyone. My content is evolving into mental health, and I would like to see my own culture take it more seriously. All I can do is be positive because it’s a reflection of the inner work you do as a person.”  

With thousands of people engaging with her content and supporters choosing Cami’s Candies to sweeten their once-in-a-lifetime events, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing and enjoying Camille for some time to come.

“My wildest dream is to be recognized as a household brand,” she says. “It would be really cool to have it on shelves or in these little boutiques in Dallas.”

Fingers crossed.

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