What's Really In Molly? Bath Salts and Crystal Meth, Probably

Playboy reveals that most Molly contains very little MDMA.

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It turns out, the molly you procure from a shady dude at a festival is likely, well, just as shady as the dude you purchased it from. Playboy contributors Frank Owens and Lera Gavins investigated what's really in the frequently name-dropped party drug, testing three different batches of molly from three different dealers. “You won’t believe what they put in molly,” said a doctor and "exotic reaseach chemical" dealer named Howard (most likely a psyduonmym). “Sometimes pain pills, blood pressure pills, caffeine, aspirin, all in a big capsule.”

So, what was in the "molly" they bought?

The first capsule, puchased in South Beach for $10, was tested by Gavins and gave a false postive as being MDMA, when it fact it was cathinone, i.e: bath salts.

The second capsule was also purchased and Miami, and cost $20. Howards tested this capsule and concluded it was mostly meth, with some MDMA.

The third capsule is purchased for an unspecified amount of money in New York, just after a molly overdose claimed two young lives at Electric Zoo. This capsule has coke, meth, some MDMA and an opiate, which they believe to be an "oxycodone chaser." An intrepid researcher (not the writers) consumes the molly, and says it "felt like tripping on heroin.”

So, why is it so hard to find actual MDMA? "A gram of pure molly can retail for as much as $120," Owen and Gavin write, "which reflects not just the demand for this sought-after chemical but also the difficulty of procuring the precursor ingredients—most commonly safrole and PMK—that manufacturers need to make the drug."

What does this mean for partygoers who want to party in the U.S.A. like Miley, and all of the other celebs dropping molly in their chartoppers? It means your drug experience will not make you do this:

...but, there is a chance it will land you in the hospital. Or, at the very least, leave you susceptible to addiction (you, uh, have heard how addictive meth is, right?). According to the article, a representative from the DEA said that, in 2013, they seized "106 consignments of molly, which contained 43 different substances, 19 of them so obscure even government chemists couldn’t identify them." 

So yeah, maybe take a cue from Jay Z and adopt a healthier vice, like designer duds. At least then you know you're getting what you pay for.

[via Playboy]

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