Rachel Dolezal's Parents Appear on the 'Today' Show: "We Had Never Been Questioned Before"

Rachel Dolezal's parents continue to out their daughter publicly on TV.

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In an extremely odd, robotic-like interview on the Today Show this Monday morning, Rachel Dolezal's parents continue to throw shade at their very white daughter. Even though Rachel is adamant about being black, Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal continue to digress and are doing so in an extremely public manner now. 

The parents of Rachel Dolezal, the Washington state NAACP leader pretending to be black, state that "she may have felt some advantage with her activism" aside her case but make it clear that they are definitely her parents. Rachel's claims that she was born in a teepee and grew up hunting for food with a bow and arrow are completely falsified as well. Lawrence Dolezal says that him and Ruthanne have told all 6 of their children to "Tell the truth. Always be honest," so they weren't going to lie and told the truth. Rachel is their birth daughter.

"We''re puzzled." Lawrence Dolezal says when asked why his daughter lied about her background. Her parents are also asked why they decided to go public about the matter now and state that they had never been asked before. They say that they were approached by a newspaper, the Coeur d'Alene Press, as a part of some assumed 'investigative reporting', says Lawrence Dolezal. 

While this all could be very true, the interview looks so extremely staged and awkward that I can't help but feel sketchy about it all. Have Rachel's parents stayed scheming about this the whole time? I mean, what's really going on...

As Rachel Dolezal vs. her parents continues to unfold— Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal are also set to appear on Good Morning America.


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