Marlon Wayans Wants to Make 'White Chicks 2' Happen

'White Chicks 2' might be happening.

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On Sunday, Marlon Wayans posted a fake movie poster on his Instagram to tease at a possible sequel to White Chicks. 

Even though the movie poster is fake— White Chicks 2 could be a real thing as it surpassed Wayans ultimatum in his caption stating:

Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this? 300,000 likes and I may make this our next movie. 

The poster has over 430k likes on Instagram and over 700k on Facebook, so will Marlon Wayans actually do it for the gram?

According to The Huffington Postback in 2009 ScreenRant reported that Sony and the Wayans were moving forward on a sequel to the 2004 comedy. 

The only thing that's really keeping the brothers back is that they "think people are scared that it's 10 years removed", Marlon Wayans told The Grio. "Overseas markets have changed and selling foreign isn’t as lucrative as it was for these types of movies," he said. 

Is that really true though? Are we better off without a White Chicks 2? As the likes keep racking up on social media, I think it's safe to assume that people want to keep making their way downtown with Terry Crews.


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