Amy Schumer Raps With Method Man

Amy Schumer freestyles for Method Man.

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For her new movie, Trainwreck, that comes out this Friday (July 17)— Amy Schumer decided to freestyle with Wu-Tang Clan member, Method Man who also plays a role in the film. 

In the exclusive video for HipHopDX, Schumer's skills are pretty sub-par but she makes up for it by her thoughtfulness at the end. Method Man talked to HipHopDX about humor and his acting career as well. Method Man portrays Temembe, an orderly who had been a doctor in his native land and who cares for the father of Schumer's character. Method Man tells HipHopDX:

“My day ain’t complete unless I laugh,” he says. "I like to have fun. I don’t treat everything like an emo kid. You know, like, 'Everything sucks?' 'Everything is funny.' Fuck that. Let’s have that attitude. I would love to do more drama, but I think people tend to book me for more comedy because my track record shows that I can do comedy."

You can see Amy Schumer and Method Man go at it and watch the clip above.

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