'Battlebots' Is Coming Back To TV

The show that pits machine vs. machine is making another comeback.


Image via Getty/David Moir/ABC


Everyone's favorite robot-fighting show Battlebots is making its way out of nostalgia and back to our screens for the third time, this time on the Discovery and Science Channel, according to Deadline. The series originally ran from 2000-2002 on Comedy Central, before a short revival from 2015-2016 on ABC. (Those  reruns played on the Science Channel this past summer.) Science Channel GM Marc Etkind said of the show, “BattleBots is the perfect union between cutting-edge science and entertainment,” later adding, “Having heard the call from robot fans clamoring for more action, we are thrilled to bring back this iconic series.”

Robots developed by people all over the world duke it out to see who comes out on top in various "weight classes" from lightweight to superheavyweight robots that clock in over 340 lbs. These machines do so much more than just knock each other over by force, as the homemade bots come equipped with weaponry to get the job done. Like any competition show, you'll get to know the designer's backstories, how their robots were built, and why they're gunning for the championship.

With the leaps and bounds that technology has made in the timeframe since the show first hit the air, it will make for a whole new brand of battle, where competitors now have access to the kinds of details they may not have been to get their hands on in 2001.

We're placing early bets that Sophia the Robot makes at least one appearance.

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