All the Things in the "RoboCop" Trailer We've Seen Before

The trailer for the upcoming reboot will make you pine for the Murphy of old.

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A RoboCop remake has been in the works since 2005, when Screen Gems announced a proejct with David Aronofosky and David Self on board to direct and write, respectively. However, a bunch of shit went down, and MGM decided to pick up the tab instead, with relative unknown Jose Padihla at the helm and four writers credited with the screenplay (Nick Schenk, David Self, James Vanderbilt, and Joshua Zetumer), making the reboot of the 1987 film seem even less promising.

And now those suspicions have been all but set in stone. The recently released trailer for the film, which features newcomer Joel Kinnaman (of AMC's The Killing) in the suit and features a supporting cast that includes Abbie Cornish, Gary Oldman, and Samuel L. Jackson, makes the flick look like it took cues from The Dummies Guide to Making a Sci-Fi Action Movie. At this point, the movie seems to be on its way to a collosal flop—considering all these things from the RoboCop trailer we've seen before.

Written by Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)

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"Give your mom a kiss...too slow, boy!"

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"Officer down!"

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The best part about the original RoboCop (and all of director Paul Verhoeven's movies, Showgirls and Starship Troopers especially) is the excess. And nothing is more excessive than the shooting that lands regular cop Alex Murphy in the robot suit. He is blown to pieces. Pieces.

But here he eats a car bomb. When did RoboCop become Casino? If they take away the toxic mutant monster from the original, there will be riots. 

(Or, you know, we'll all just go home quietly and watch the original.)

"Let's go with black."

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"It's the illusion of free will."

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"He's overriding the system's priorities!"

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