Man Sues White Castle Because Booths Aren't Big Enough for Him

And they promised they'd make them bigger!

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Back in 2009, 290-pound Martin Kessman, New Yorker and White Castle enthusiast, could barely fit into the booth provided for him at his favorite tiny-ass burger spot. In fact, he struggled so within the confines of the orange prison that he banged up his knee so bad he left the restaurant limping.

Then he did what everyone promises to do but never actually does: wrote a letter. Yes, he poured his concerns into words and sent them on to the corporate HQ of the little-bitty burger establishment.  They sent him coupons for free burgers and—get this—specs for larger booths. Wait, corporate America cares?

Cut to now, the present day: The booths are no larger. Kessman still cannot fit. So he's filing a lawsuit, since the chain is "violat[ing] the civil rights of fat people."

You're probably wondering if Kessman still eats WC. Well, we've got the answer to that: "Any subsequent trips to the store have been made by my wife—I have been like an outcast.” 

Martin Kessman—overweight, slighted by his favorite fast-food eatery, but lucky enough to have a woman around to do his dirty work. Clap for him.

[via Gothamist]

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