The Complex Sundance Film Festival Primer

Why should you care about a bunch of people watching movies in Utah?

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The 2015 Sundance Film Festival kicks off tonight in Park City, Utah. Features from rising directors like Jennifer Phang and Marielle Heller will screen alongside the latest from more established talent like Noah Baumbach and James Ponsoldt, in addition to new documentaries about such disparate topics as Nina Simone, Florida's Stand Your Ground law, and hip-hop fashion.

But maybe all you know about Sundance you learned from the episode of Entourage where Johnny Drama and Turtle have a threesome with a member of the Peace Corps. And so maybe you're thinking, What do I really care about a bunch of freelancer writers and Hollywood suits watching movies in a state that only sells 3.2% ABV beer? The alcohol laws are bogus, but the festival is worth paying attention to, as the films and filmmakers that make waves here often go on to define the year in movies, and beyond. Here's your Complex primer for the Sundance Film Festival.

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