Experience The Holy Grail of Authentic Goods with eBay at ComplexCon

When it comes to authenticating sneakers, streetwear and collectibles and more, eBay knows its stuff.


It’s that time of year again! ComplexCon 2023 is landing in the Long Beach Convention Center on Nov. 18–19, a weekend celebration of music, fashion, art and more. The event's title sponsor, eBay, will be a part of the festivities, using their reputation as a hub for both authenticity and the flyest fashion out there to take ComplexCon to the next level.

The eBay booth at ComplexCon, called "eBay House," will celebrate fashion and collectible enthusiasts and the things they love. The experience will feature four distinct rooms that represent luxury, sneakers, trading cards, and streetwear. And thanks to eBay Authenticity Guarantee, visitors can trust that authenticity is definitely in the house. eBay has authenticated more than 7.7 million products to date, protecting buyers all across the globe in the process.

Displaying an attention to detail, each room will not only showcase a variety of eye-catching products, but the rooms themselves will also have their own magic. The sneakers room is a hypebeast’s dream and primed for social media, packed with sneakers and backdrops that are perfect for turning anyone’s Instagram up. There’s a room for all of the trading card enthusiasts, featuring foosball where the players are made out of trading cards, throwback arcade games, and live trading card art made out of Rubik’s Cubes. 

In the streetwear laundry room, Jeff Hamilton will hang out with guests. Corey Populus (of Circulate) will also be there, screen printing t-shirts with his team, live on the spot. Finally, the fourth room is a high-end office, adorned with luxury goods, where coveted handbags and watches are available for visitors to virtually try on. 

All of the rooms are adjoined by the living room, which is the epicenter of the eBay House. Here is where guests will experience eBay Live, a highly interactive livestream shopping experience where in-person attendees and digital viewers can interact with special guests. The guests this year include Matt Senna, Corey Populus, Jeff Hamilton, Maeve Reilly, WhoJungWoo, Cassius Marsh, and more. Further sweetening the deal, anyone watching the stream can ask guests questions and bid on exclusive drops. Stay tuned for flash deals, a chance to score highly sought-after pieces for incredible prices.

Make sure you download the eBay app to access eBay Live and bid on exclusive items. You'll also find more details about the guest lineup along with a way to set reminders for the events HERE.

ComplexCon 2023 will be yet another memorable weekend for the long-running convention, and eBay is a key partner in bringing that to reality.

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