Aubrey Plaza Covers Complex's April/May 2013 Issue!

There's something about Aubrey.

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What is it about Aubrey Plaza? Ever since she debuted on Parks and Recreation, her dry wit and deadpan demeanor have had us in a spell. As Complex's own Tara Aquino once noted, Ms. Plaza is not your average Hollywood starlet: "Her anti-celebrity persona is exactly what makes people admire her." But a talent this big can only fly under the radar for so long. After starring in Safety Not Guaranteed, Aubrey is about to take things to another level in the teen sex comedy The To Do List, which has been described as Superbad meets American Pie, but from a girl's perspective. Get excited.

Now seemed the perfect time for Plaza to make her first appearance on the cover of Complex. So we called on the photographer team JUCO, who broke out the Silly String and Whoopee cushions to create images that poke fun at the kind of over-the-top goofiness that Plaza never indulges in. Then senior staff writer Matt Barone ventured out to Los Angeles where he chopped it up with Aubrey and her newly adopted dog, who seems to share certain personality traits with this month's cover girl. The mag goes on sale February 4, but you can dive into the full cover story right now...

Click Here For The Full AUBREY PLAZA Cover Story.




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