Apple Just Set Up a Replacement Program for iPhone 5s With Faulty Sleep/Wake Buttons

Apple has acknowledged that some iPhone 5s have a manufacturing flaw that can cause the Sleep/Wake button to malfunction.

Image via xine_kr on Flickr

Apple has acknowledged that some iPhone 5s have a manufacturing flaw that can cause the Sleep/Wake button to malfunction. TThe malfunction reportedly affects "a small percentage" of iPhone 5s manufactured through March 2013. The company has set up a replacement program that will repair or replace devices with unresponsive Sleep/Wake buttons free of charge.

If you're having troubles with your Sleep/Wake button, you can check if your phone applies for a free repair or replacement by checking on the support site. The program has launched in the US and Canada, and will be expanded globally on May 2.

[via TechCrunch]

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