This Video Shows That Street Harassment Is Very Real in NYC

Yes, saying "hey beautiful" counts as harassment.

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If you're a man living in New York City, you may be aware that women constantly get comments from men about their appearance while doing something as mundane as walking down the street. What you may not realize is that, in reality, those comments are more numerous than you can imagine. 

One non-profit organization, Hollaback, is aiming to stop street harassment, and to that end, they released a video that tracks one woman as she walks through NYC for 10 hours. During the mere 2 minutes of the clip they released, she gets talked at by 20 groups of men. Some are innocent enough ("Have a good evening") while others border on something more disturbing (one man follows her for 5 minutes after she refuses to respond to him).

All the while, the theme is the same: Her body is on display for these men, whether she likes it or not, and respect is nowhere to be found.


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[via Hollaback]

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