Mississippi Rules Same Sex Marriage Ban Is Illegal

"Can gay and lesbian citizens love?"

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Mississippi, of all states, took a giant progressive step on Tuesday night, as its state Supreme Court ruled that the state's same sex marriage ban is illegal. Despite being traditionally thought of as one of the more conservative states in the country, it has followed in the footsteps of more liberal states by taking the first step towards the full legalization of same sex marriage.

In a historic ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves spoke about the change that must come to pass in order to give equal rights to every citizen:

Mississippi's traditional beliefs about gay and lesbian citizens led it to defy that wisdom by taking away fundamental rights owed to every citizen. It is time to restore those rights.

Importantly, the ban isn't lifted yet in the state; there's currently a stay, but it doesn't look like that will last too much longer in the wake of this latest ruling. Your move, Alabama.

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