Xbox One Pre-Orders Start Selling Out Days After the Sony's PlayStation 4

Just a day after PS4's pre-order sell out, Xbox One follows suit.


Best Buy has announced it will no longer be accepting online purchases of Xbox One. The Best Buy website notes that the console is "Sold Out Online" and will not permit customers to place any more orders.

Day One Editions of Xbox and PlayStation 4 starting filling up as of yesterday when GameStop announced that it had exhausted its PlayStation 4 pre-order stock.

While there's no need to panic, and let's face it, if you haven't pre-ordered yet this news probably isn't giving you a panic attack but if you've got the pre-order bug there are plenty of other retailers that still have stock.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target have both systems while GameStop still has Xbox One and Best Buy still has stock of PlayStation 4, for now.

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[Via IGN]

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