Oculus Rift Launch Title "EVE: Valkyrie" Gameplay Footage (Video)

Developer CCP revealed new footage of gameplay from the Oculus Rift launch title "EVE: Valkyrie"

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EVE: Online developer CCP is doing more than introducing monuments to fallen virtual starships and facilitating the largest virtual space wars in history. The Icelandic company rolled out some new footage and details of its Oculus Rift launch title EVE: Valkyrie.

While multiple versions of the space fighter's gameplay have debuted over the past year, this is the most polished and sexy version yet. The game started life as a demo and has recently been moved to a new game engine, giving it a completely different look.

The developer has also introduced the first character pilot for Valkyrie in Ran (pictured below) to be voiced in the game by Katee Sackoff who played Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica.

The Valkyries are a group of pilots who were stolen at the moment of death and implanted into new bodies to fly and fight for Ran. Players will level-up by downloading skill-sets Matrix-style right into their brains.

In Norse mythology the Valkyrie is the decider of who lives and who dies in battle. I can't wait to send some wanna-be dog fighters to the hall of slain. Hit the links below for more details.

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