Jessica Alba's Company Might Sell for $1 Billion

Honest, Jessica Alba's organic products company, might sell to Unilever for $1 billion.

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If you've found yourself wondering lately, What is Jessica Alba up to, why have I not seen her in anything lately except a weird cameo in a Taylor Swift music video, is she washed? do realize Jessica Alba is fully thriving and probably living a better life than any of us.

Between small, rather insignificant roles these past few years, the Sin City and Fantastic Four actress has been building an organic empire. In 2011, she co-founded The Honest Company, a brand that promises ethically produced, non-toxic items, from makeup to diapers, which can be purchased online and in stores like Whole Foods. The mother of two has been making BANK off Honest, and by bank I mean roughly $300 million in sales per year. Like, Jessica Alba never has to act again if she doesn't want to. 

The success of Honest has caught the attention of Unilever, the consumer goods brand that currently has Axe, Dove, and Ben & Jerry's under its belt. Alba's currently in talks to sell it for $1 billion, which seems like an insane amount of money, but it's still less than the company was estimated to be worth last year: $1.7 billion. Still, selling it for $0.7 billion less than what it was estimated for might be worth it considering the controversy surrounding Honest earlier this year.

In March, a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed Honest's laundry detergent contains sodium lauryl sulfate, a common chemical that Honest pledged to never use in their own products. Alba failed to give a solid defense against it, saying it actually uses a "gentler and less irritating alternative." But it seems that hasn't deterred Unilever from pursuing a buy-out. Controversy or not, one thing is for sure: Jessica Alba be stayin' rich.

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