Here's Why People Are Hating on the New 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' Trailer

That 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' trailer dropped and people went IN.

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Just in time for the Christmas movie season is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black in this update of the 1995 film Jumanji, which starred Robin Williams and took in $262.8 million at the box office. The gist of the updated version is this: a group of four kids stumble upon a video game version of the classic board game Jumanji, and after confirming their characters, they're sucked into the game and become their characters (which are played by Hart, Johnson, Black, and Karen Gillan) and thrust into this wild adventure.

The trailer, which you can see up above, was released this morning, and while some people are here for it, there has been a strong contingent of movie lovers, along with fans of the original, who just aren't fucking with the film based on the preview. While The Rock and Kevin Hart have tremendous chemistry together, there are a number of problems people have with the film based on the trailer, which, respectable.

Here's a look at why Twitter is in their feels over Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle mad months before its Dec. 22 release.

There's no board game

One of the biggest gripes seems to be about the actual Jumanji game being transformed into a video game as opposed to a board game. It's a movie in 2017, but people really must have expected the new film to take place in that same board game.

Robin Williams didn't spend 26 years trapped in Jumanji to have it turned into a plug-n-play video game.
Replacing the Jumanji board with a game console is like rebooting Hellraiser and making Lemarchand's box a fucking iPhone.
Jumanji 2 no longer consists of a board game but a video game.
The new Jumanji treats an Atari-era game console with the same mystique the original had for an ancient board game.

It's somehow disrespectful to Robin Williams

We imagine that a portion of the people this film is being made for were kids when the '95 Jumanji was a box office smash, and with Williams' memory still fresh for some, they feel like this is either an assault on his work or hope that he's got a tribute in the works in the new film.

I'm sorry but the new jumanji movie looks stupid. You can not re-create a Robin Williams movie. It's just wrong.
Jumanji remake is a disgrace to the original, Robin Williams is turning in his grave because of this abomination
if the new jumanji movie doesnt have a tribute to robin williams in it somewhere ill be mad
.@TheRock is great but there's no need for a Jumanji reboot. Robin Williams brought a certain magic to his work that can not be replicated.
At least they didn't remake Jumanji while Mork, er, Robin Williams was still alive so he could see how Hollywood would screw up this one.

The Rock is doing too much

It looks like some moviegoers are voicing their Rock movie fatigue, which could spell trouble at the box office (where The Rock is usually king).

"let's make a generic comedy movie. any ideas for a title?" "We still own Jumanji IP" "that sounds great. but needs The Rock too"
@TheRock seems on a single-handed mission to ruin every classic movie brand going #Jumanji #yettoseeagoodone
Kinda tired of seeing The Rock in literally EVERY FUCKING FILM. Think ruining Jumanji is the final straw tbh
Baywatch was a flop...Jumanji looks much the same. Has The Rock hit his downslide? Everybody's bubble pops eventually

Ultimately, we have a lot of time before the release of this film to get a clearer picture of this movie. Maybe people still won't be fucking with it later on down the line; there's a lot of nostalgia and seemingly a bunch of Rock fatigue coming in early. Maybe this wasn't the best trailer; maybe we need to see more of the story. It might be too early to throw in the towel on this Jumaji reimagining, but then again, The Rock is franchise viagra. He'll end up being a safe bet.

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