How Long Would You Survive In 'The Belko Experiment'?

Wondering if you'd survive 'The Belko Experiment'? We've got the quiz for you.

Being the savage that I am, I fell in love with The Belko Experiment when I saw the first trailer (which I then watched a good four-to-five times in a row). With so many movies either being totally in the superhero bag or destined to be more artsy, awards season fodder, it's dope to see a murderous workplace movie on the horizon.

For those who aren't up on The Belko Experiment, here's the premise: an office building is suddenly seized, with the captors imploring the employees that they had a certain amount of time to kill three of their co-workers. If they don't murder three people in the allotted time, then the captors would kill six people. Sh*t gets real, and while the ante gets upped (and the body count rises), we start to see what happens when an office full of people is faced with actual life-or-death situations.

When we spoke with Belko scribe James Gunn, he said he wouldn't make it through the experiment. That's all well and good, but I personally need to know what type of people I work with (and, more importantly, who would survive if we had our own Belko Experiment). Answer truthfully, and let us know in the comments how far you'd make it in The Belko Experiment, which is in theaters now.

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