#BlackPantherSOLIT Is Trending on Twitter and Users Are Having a Field Day

All of this recent 'Black Panther' news has Twitter going nuts.

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Since the release of Captain America: Civil War, we've been experiencing Black Panther fever. The character, a Wakandan King who is a multi-billionaire (as a result of the hordes of valuable vibranium on his homeland) and also fights crime as the super badass Black Panther, stole the show in Civil War, and has a Ryan Coogler-directed (and co-written) film due out in February of 2018. Fans were already excited that Coogler would be bringing the creativity that he brought to both Fruitvale Station and Creed to this Marvel project, but two pieces of casting information hit this week that has people going nuts: both Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan are reportedly set to star in the film alongside Boseman.

As per usual, Marvel's mum on any details regarding the project, but that didn't stop Twitter from having a field day using the hashtag #BlackPantherSOLIT, which not only highlights the excitement that people have for this project—one that's said to feature a cast that's 90 percent African or African-American—but also serves as a laundry list of things people need to be prepared for when Black Panther finally opens.

Basically, it looks like you should be rocking your Easter Sunday best. Here's a look at the best of #BlackPantherSOLIT:

#BlackPantherSOLIT we're all going to be in the movie theater like pic.twitter.com/WXXUzQAdx1
#BlackPantherSoLIT I gotta wear one of my good suits pic.twitter.com/HtAeM0vjus
When #BlackPantherSoLIT is trending so you need to inform the world you identify as Wakandan: pic.twitter.com/JdfCiCoML9
#BlackPantherSoLIT I'll be in the theater saying, "don't even think about showing me 15 minutes of previews!" pic.twitter.com/rW9N9TTtwo
Me and my crew rolling up to the movie theater #BlackPantherSoLIT pic.twitter.com/rJky8QjAwe
#BlackPantherSoLIT you get a full body du-rag with your IMAX ticket purchase https://t.co/5WzkV2uBn6
#BlackPantherSoLIT, we're already rehearsing for the afterparties. pic.twitter.com/GX9UCg3IbN
#BlackPantherSoLit the crowd is gonna swag surf in the lobby while we wait to buy tickets pic.twitter.com/UBDklh6aIG
#BlackPantherSoLit every theater will have a breakfast program pic.twitter.com/6c1vNcCI87
#BlackPantherSOLIT there will be a soul train line when you enter the theater. pic.twitter.com/OSt9CQKk31
#BlackPantherSoLIT when we walk out the theater, folks will look at other superhero movies like: pic.twitter.com/DIPthUS2ub

Matthew A. Cherry (of 9 Rides fame) has some choice information for Hollywood trying to replicate this buzz:

You really can't buy organic social media buzz like #BlackPantherSoLIT so studios please don't try to start #NinjaTurtlesSoDope next week

We reached out to Ava DuVernay to see if Coogler actually saw this amazing hashtag; hopefully he's experienced the genuine excitement that his film has caused.

Had to text #RyanCoogler and make sure he found someone to show him #BlackPantherSoLIT. Because epic! Cannot wait! pic.twitter.com/9Clkwanw4F

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