Betty White Called 'Deadpool' the Best Picture of the Year

Betty White, 'Deadpool' enthusiast.

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Allow me to keep it 💯 for a minute: I might be the biggest Deadpool fan in the Complex offices. That said, it's hard for people to take me seriously when I talk about Deadpool being 🔥. I get it. It's hard to take the biggest fan seriously. While naysayers are busy shooting the messenger, why not take the word of the Dab Queen herself, Betty White.

Sure, it's one of those obvious "get the older woman to joke about the ultraviolent, ultra vulgar comic book film" jokes, but when you remember that Deadpool really loves Bea Arthur, it would make perfect sense that one of the Golden Girls returns the love...even if she doesn't actually reference Wade's passion for Bae Arthur.

It's also kind of crazy that White doesn't mention being in The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds; hell, they bricked a couple of references, but fam, this is Betty White sitting on Deadpool's lap. If you weren't here for Deadpool before, how the hell are you NOT here for it now that Betty White is giving it that "four Golden Girls rating?!"

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12 (AKA tomorrow).

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