People Are Hella Confused About Alicia Vikander’s Neck in the New ‘Tomb Raider’ Poster

A new poster for 'Tomb Raider' was released and people have questions about Alicia Vikander's neck.

Alicia Vikander poses for a portrait during TIFF 2017

Image via Getty/Maarten de Boer

Alicia Vikander poses for a portrait during TIFF 2017

It's been about two months since Alicia Vikanderteased the 2018 reboot of Tomb Raider, in which she will star as the iconic Lara Croft. So it was about time Warner Bros. released a poster, right? After the debacle behind the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster this summer, you'd think they would make sure it was on point... right?

Her legend begins. #TombRaider, in theaters March 2018.

Preferences aside, it's, well, just a poster. At least you'd think that if you didn't hit Twitter. Folks are going in on whatever the deal is with Alicia's neck in this poster.

Don't know what everyone's complaining about, Alicia Vikander's neck looks totally fine in that Tomb Raider poster.
No disrespect meant to Alicia Vikander, because she's lovely. But this poster makes it look like she has a neck like E.T. lol.
Alicia Vikander getting her neck ready for the Tomb Raider poster! 😳
Oh no. What have they done to Alicia Vikander's neck?!
I guess the fact that it's Alicia Vikander's neck that's the photoshopping issue in her poster counts as progress?
Alicia Vikander WTF is that neck!?#TombRaiderMovie #tombraider
Why did they do this? Does Alicia Vikander have an abnormally short neck and they overcompensated?
Alicia Vikander's CGI-elongated neck is sexier than most women's buttholes

While it's quick and easy to be like "WTPhotoshop is going on here," some pointed out that this might just be what Alicia's neck looks like.

The Tomb Raider poster looks a bit off and people have been running with their gags, but Alicia Vikander DOES have a large powerful neck.
Alicia Vikander does appear to have a long neck generally, but please make it stop bending like that 😳
I'm still not sure but after looking at some photos of her I think that's actually Alicia Vikander's neck, it's just that long.#tombraider

So, what's going on with Alicia Vikander's neck in the Tomb Raider poster? Either it's become the victim of some wack Photoshop... or that's just what Alicia Vikander's neck looks like. Will she be a fire Lara Croft is the real question. Guess we'll find out in March 2018.

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