Harry Potter-Themed Bar Proves Canada Is Awesome

This Harry Potter-themed bar in Canada is named after one of the most useless professors.

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Let’s forget about Colin Farrell being cast in the highly-anticipated Harry Potter spin-off for a moment and discuss the fact that there’s a bar in Canada named after one of the franchise’s most useless professors—Gilderoy Lockhart. And, no, you won’t need a Hogwarts acceptance letter via owl to get into this establishment.

According to Now Toronto, The Lockhart is a safe space for Potterheads and non-fans alike to enjoy carefully-crafted visual cues like a bar area made to look like a modern apothecary and a heart-shaped sign glowing with the words "all was well."  (100 points to the house that guesses the significance of that phrase.) Individuals with keen eyes should be on the lookout for a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol and if you can guess the drink named for an obscenely obscure reference, the owners will give it to you for free.

Even if you’re not that big on Harry Potter, there’s still something for you. The bar renamed their Manhattan drink to the "Dr. Manhattan," a reference to the naked blue scientist in Watchmen. But if you’re looking for Butterbear on the menu, you’re out of luck. The owners are still figuring out a way to sell the beverage under a name that isn’t copyrighted.


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