'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Is Already Breaking Websites

The force, it's calling to you.

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After suffering through Monday Night Football to catch the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, aficionados also faced slow or nonfunctioning websites as presale tickets were made available in the UK on Monday.

According to Mashable, massive cinema chain Vue Entertainment reported that a record 10,000 tickets for the seventh film in the series sold in just 90 minutes, and that its servers were functioning at 40% capacity. Picturehouse Entertainment also reported a similar occurrence. “We're working on it, we've had an unprecedented demand for tickets," spokesman Gabriel Swartland told BBC.

Odeon & UCI cinemas also cited “massive” traffic to their sites, and that some were unable to book tickets during peak times.  The frustration made its way to Twitter, where fans live tweeted their issues while trying to purchase tickets for the much anticipated movie.

The dark side has won. Half of england trying to book the @BFI for Star Wars causing the website to crash and them to suspend booking 😩😭😤
Is "I'm sorry, I was trying to book Star Wars tickets but the Odeon site kept crashing" a valid excuse for being late for work?
The Force is not strong with the Odeon website today. Took Yoda's advice too literally they did; load or do not, there is no try. #StarWars

Head over to Fandango to find tickets, which also went on sale Monday night for U.S. moviegoers. The Force Awakens flies into theaters December 17.

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