Jada Pinkett Smith Responds to Janet Hubert’s Video Slamming Her Potential Oscar Boycott

Can't we all just get along?

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After Jada Pinkett Smith mulled over boycotting the Oscars because no actors of color were nominated for the second year in a row, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s original Aunt Viv Janet Hubertcalled her comments "suspect." Now, Pinkett-Smith is answering back and her response is a lot calmer than one would expect.

In an exclusive video obtained byET, the actress spoke with a message of unity rather than vitriol. "Considering that Alabama had its highest recruitment for the KKK for Martin Luther King's birthday, I hope that we as African-Americans can find a way to get along and step together," she said. The New York Daily Newsreports that a Mobile, Alabama chapter of the Ku Klux Klan handed out recruitment flyers to residents during the holiday weekend.

Pinkett-Smith then went on to address the Oscars controversy directly, refusing to make incendiary comments toward her husband's former co-star. "This whole Oscar controversy isn't really about the Oscars. Really, in my plea to ask all communities and people of color to take back our power is so that we can use it in all sectors of our community, and right now, specifically with African-American people, we have some very serious issues that I think we as a people have to move together on. I'm hoping we can find ways to step together in this instead of finding ways to fight each other. I got love for everybody."

Does that include Alexis Arquette

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