You're Gonna Have to Wait a Minute For New 'Game of Thrones' Episodes

Winter is coming later than expected.

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Waiting almost a year for 10 new episodes is a tortureGame of Thronesenthusiasts know well, and that patience will be tested once again for season six.

HBO just released the premiere dates for their spring roster, and the much-loved series has been pushed back by about two weeks. According to Hitflix, the show usually premieres in early April and this setback will land it towards the end of the month. That means the new premiere date will also place the show past the timeframe when networks usually wrap their seasons, which may or may not affect the 8.1 million who tuned in for the season five finale.

Still, that’s an additional two weeks of wondering what the heck happened to Jon Snow. But if you consider the wait for BBC’s Sherlock fans (two years for three episodes!), it’s not so bad. 


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