Fans Petition to Remove Zack Snyder From the 'Justice League' Films


Fans really don’t want Zack Snyder anywhere near the Justice League films. There’s a petition floating around to remove him from the franchise, which is set to begin filming in a few weeks.  Despite less than stellar reviews, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicescored the biggest opening worldwide in box office history. That hasn’t stopped an angry bunch from calling for his ousting, ComicBook.comreports

"Zack Snyder is not the person to bring the Justice League to the big screen. He's had two chances now to adapt DC characters and has produced middling results," the petition reads. "Even if you loved Man of Steel and BvS. There has to come a time when WB and DC want someone at the helm that can create something that WON'T divide people in such a way." Okay, the movie was bad but not Fantastic Four bad. Besides, Snyder has said that the upcoming Justice League movie won’t be as dark.

The petition continued: "The building blocks are there for a great different set of superhero movies. Good actors and actresses and even directors. Zack Snyder is just not the guy that should be in charge of the biggest and most important films in the franchise. Especially with his track record now."

So far, it has received just over 2,000 signatures. Head here if you feel inclined to add yours. 

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